Prix Ars Electronica Award of Distinction 2016

Prix Ars Electronica Award of Distinction 2016

We are very very happy to announce that Refugee Phrasebook has won the 2016 Prix Ars Electronica Award of Distinction in the category Digital Communities. This award of distinction has previously been awarded to organizations such as Wikileaks, the Free Software Foundation, and Refugees United.

We want to thank everyone involved in the project, all the contributors, translators, printers, distributors, designers, volunteers, programmers, writers, donors, all of our friends for continuing to make Refugee Phrasebook possible.

The whole team sincerely hopes that the award will help us to continue working on this project and getting it to the people and places who need it.

Refugee Phrasebook is always looking for new people to get involved in the project and to collaborate with. Please feel free to get in touch with us through!


Logo and Website Updates

Refugee Phrasebook receives a new logo by Berlin-based graphic designer Matthias Neumann, a new filter function by José Salguero and a website update by Markus Neuschäfer.


Matthias logo design strikes the balance between the old and the new consisting of two main elements. The speech bubble stands for the conversations that should be enabled by the Phrasebooks usage. The dots symbolize the further development of the project with the help of Others. The customed logo gives us a fresh identity and allows us more freedom since our previous logo included an image from the icon archive and could only be used with a license disclaimer.



With the new filter function by José Salguero, phrases from the Google spreadsheets can be displayed with a custom language selection. The code is available on Josés GitHub repository and can be reused and embedded on other websites as well.




Many thanks for your generous help José, Matthias and Markus!


PArt of Us at CSM London

April 25th, 5pm-9pm members of the Refugee Phrasebook team will attend an Exhibition and Fundraiser in aid of Refugees at Central Saint Martins, London. Sample versions of the phrasebook will be exhibited. Marta Monge will show the development of a mobile version using Raspberry Pi. Caoimhe Gallagher (RPB) and Monika Dorniak (RPB) will give a presentation on the Phrasebook Project and will be available from 5pm -9pm explaining how to use the easy LibreOffice version which enables everyone to create their own version. Tickets are free and can be booked here.

Distribution in Idomeni

Distribution in Idomeni

Refugee Phrasebook has recently received a new printing request: A phrasebook with Arabic, English, Farsi, Urdu, Greek and Kurdish for the Idomeni camp in Greece. Our team made a PDF with these languages through Wikibooks and thanks to Raul Walch and other volunteers, 1000 copies of Refugee Phrasebook were printed in Idomeni this week to improve communication in the camp. (more…)

Advocate Europe

OKF Greece distributing phrasebooks in Idomeni, Greece

OKF Greece distributing phrasebooks in Idomeni, Greece

We have applied for the Advocate Europe Award in order to develop Refugee Phrasebook further. The Community Award allows the public to pick their favourite project. The three ideas with the most user votes receive awards worth €5,000 (first place), €3,000 (second place) and €2,000 (third place). These funds will be used to support the development, printing and distribution of phrasebooks. We need your participation: you can create an account here and vote until March 17th (12.00 CET). After you’ve registered and activated your account, please open the link again so you go straight to the Refugee Phrasebook proposal, wait till it fully loads (it can take a little while), then click “Support”. (more…)

OER Award

OER Award

Based on the simple aspiration that access to education and quality education materials should be open to everyone regardless of citizenship, wealth, or gender, the three day OER festival, held in the Landesvertretung Schleswig-Holstein in Berlin, brought together more than 325 key figures involved in the promotion of open educational resources and free teaching material in Germany.