Logo and Website Updates

Refugee Phrasebook receives a new logo by Berlin-based graphic designer Matthias Neumann, a new filter function by José Salguero and a website update by Markus Neuschäfer.


Matthias logo design strikes the balance between the old and the new consisting of two main elements. The speech bubble stands for the conversations that should be enabled by the Phrasebooks usage. The dots symbolize the further development of the project with the help of Others. The customed logo gives us a fresh identity and allows us more freedom since our previous logo included an image from the icon archive thenounproject.com and could only be used with a license disclaimer.



With the new filter function by José Salguero, phrases from the Google spreadsheets can be displayed with a custom language selection. The code is available on Josés GitHub repository and can be reused and embedded on other websites as well.




Many thanks for your generous help José, Matthias and Markus!